Our Awards

Because every effort deserves a reward, AEROCARGO Internacional V.A. has created a system of rewards that every pilot can get for their merits.

It is very easy to get prizes and virtual rewards with our recognition method. Meets the criteria of each of the awards.

  • Complete the tours we have created.
  • Participate in the events organized by the airline
  • Participate in official VATSIM events
  • Accumulate achievements to access the awards
  • Stay active in the virtual skies
  • Participate in the airline groups and forums
  • Support your classmates with your knowledge

Amazone River Adventure More than 1670 nm of adventure flying over the Amazon River using general aviation and visual flight rules "VFR"
The Coffee Route Given to pilots who have completed the AEROCARGO Coffe Tour 2019, Flying more than 3050nm in Central and South America.
Company Hub Tour 2019 Awarded to pilots who have completed the AEROCARGO Internacional V.A. Company Hub Tour 2019: MROC-MMMX-KMIA-MROC